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lower back pain

How exercise can help with low back pain

Exercise is important in many ways but one important reason to exercise is to help prevent and recovery from low back pain. According to research performed by Freburger in the journal of Int Med, low back pain is the second most common cause of disability in the US and 80% o

VESTAVIA VOICE: Pure Fitness Reopens After Fire

Thank you Vestavia Voice and Leah Eagle for featuring an awesome follow-up story on Pure Fitness re-opening. We are back on our feet and enjoying helping clients achieve their fitness goals. We are ready for the New Year and have some new packages that offer incredible disco

VESTAVIA VOICE: Owners To Reopen Damaged Businesses

Thanks to the Vestavia Voice for helping us update the community on the status of Pure Fitness. For those that don't know, we lost our gym to a fire just a couple of weeks after opening to the public back in April. Unfortunately all the sweat equity we put into the building


How to keep your body fit during pregnancy for better results post pregnancy

There are so many women who lose control of their eating and exercising during pregnancy which makes it so much harder to lose the weight post pregnancy. The number one excuse I hear women say during pregnancy is that they will let themselves go for now and just try and lose

Why Are Americans Snacking More Often?

According to the U.S. governments most recent study What We Eat in American survey, 97% of adults in america snack at least once per day. Which means we are getting 1/4 of our calories from snacking (USDA 2014a). Snacking all throughout the day is becoming more popular and i