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The not so New Years resolutions

The not so New Years resolutions

Have you come up with your New Years Resolutions yet? Well before you start your list take a minute to think about short term goals instead of resolutions to bigger problems. According to a study from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, roughly 42% of Americans made New Year’s resolutions for 2017.The most common resolution — made by almost a quarter of every person making one — involves increasing fitness and activity. As people look down at their waistlines after the holiday season, there is a strong desire to get active and lose those extra few lbs. The study also found that of those who made resolutions, 37% of people in their 20s and 16% of those over 50 were successful, meaning they met their objectives. Combined, fewer than half of all New Year’s resolutions were successful six months out. So instead of getting these big Resolutions in your head, why not start out with a few short term healthy goals.

Making a resolution of going to the gym 6 days a week might last a few weeks but its not a good long term goal. So lets start with a SMART way of thinking about goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. If you are not currently exercising then try starting out with twice a week for 2 weeks and then increase after 3 weeks once your soreness wears off and your body adapts to change. You are more likely to stick with your exercise routine if you don’t shock your body in the beginning. If you are eating a lot of carbohydrates, maybe start limiting processed carbs first instead of quiting cold turkey. Your body will like you more if you ease into something rather than diving in head first. 

Need to find a fun way to work out and keep yourself accountable?

-Grab a friend

-Join a group fitness class

-Find a running group

-Hire a personal trainer who is waiting on you every time you schedule your workout.

Want to change your diet?

-start with whole foods

-cook dinner every night at home

-sit down to eat

-take time to meal prep and grocery shop

Getting in shape, eating healthy, and losing weight can be a daunting task but making SMART goals and keeping them from week to week can help get you where you need to be in 2018.

It’s all about your personal best at Pure Fitness in Vestavia

For one Birmingham couple, the goal was to get healthy and to do it together. After researching prospective gyms and personal trainers, only one stood out from the crowd: Pure Fitness in Vestavia. While David and Elizabeth Self committed to forging a new path for themselves, they both admitted that some outside motivation was just what they needed.

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
Pure Fitness owner Erin Holtz working with David and Elizabeth Self.
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“We were trying to do better on our own for awhile,” said Elizabeth. “We were attempting to eat better, to go on walks, that sort of thing. But, it just wasn’t enough.”

David wanted to get in shape and to not feel so rundown at work when he was in for a long day.

“My job is sedentary for the most part, but there’s bits and spurts of days when I’m on my feet constantly,” David said. “It’s just one of those things that takes a toll. You have one of those days where you’re on your feet for seven hours, and it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
David and Elizabeth Self working out at Pure Fitness.
A Perfect Fit

The couple needed something to improve their health, but they wanted to work with someone who could provide some external accountability. So Elizabeth and David emailed Erin Holtz, owner of Pure Fitness, on a Sunday afternoon with questions, and she responded immediately. She told them about the workouts she offered and that Pure Fitness focused on functional training.

“This type of training emphasizes exercises you would do in everyday life,” Holtz said. “We’re teaching you things like how to squat correctly, so that you can pick up your kids the right way.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
Erin Holtz, owner of Pure Fitness.
Personal Training, Pure Fitness And You

Elizabeth and David have been at Pure Fitness since April, and they’ve already exceeded their personal weight-loss and strength training goals.

The hour-long workouts with cardio, weights and strengthening work for  the couple, who have been paired with their own personal trainer to help them lose weight and gain muscle. But, what really counts, is the personal attention they receive.

Erin with her staff of certified personal trainers.

“Whenever you go in for your training she already has your workout ready,” Elizabeth said. “It’s not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing. The trainers keep the pace up because they’re always so prepared. There’s no lag time.

“You do a lot of whole-body exercises. It’s so nice because they keep track of all of it. You’re not having to count it out, like torture yourself with, ‘I have five more. Oh, I have three more … ‘”

Pure Fitness: More Than Just A Gym

Along with the personal training, Pure Fitness is a boutique gym, offering a group fitness room, massage on site, towels and a shower. Their day and evening classes are small, with 10 to 12 people maximum, so that instructors can spend one-on-one time with clients, fixing their form or pushing each one of them to go just a little further.

There’s also an in-house Pilates instructor, a masseuse and a nutritionist to round out the personal training experience. Clients can book private sessions for both Pilates and massage. The nutritionist offers help with grocery shopping and meal planning.

In addition to the boutique-gym services, Pure Fitness caters to the community by offering quarterly weight-loss challenges throughout the year. From a Summer Sizzle Red Carpet Reveal to the Fit For Fall Challenge, these packages offer six weeks of training, plus nutrition services, weekly meal-planning classes and massage options.

“It’s an extra boost,” Holtz said. “And, a kick start for people. The challenges include those extra amenities at a special price, so that clients and newcomers can experience the complete package while working towards their weight-loss goals.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
The team at Pure Fitness.
Fitness The Way You Like It

Your fitness goal is up to you, and that’s just the way Elizabeth and David like it. They’ve each lost weight (30 lbs for David and 10 for Elizabeth so far) and gained the know how on eating to maintain their new, healthy lifestyle.

From overcoming injuries to losing after-baby weight, Pure Fitness caters to your specific health and fitness needs by offering personalized workouts for all age groups.

Doing Something Amazing

It’s all been a very enjoyable process,” David said. I know a lot of people might think: Ugh. Starting a diet, working with a dietitian, exercising, training—it’s a lot but, really, it isn’t. It may be more exercise than I’ve done in awhile, but you feel wonderful afterwards. It’s the good kind of fatigue. You feel like, “Yes I did something amazing!”

For more information about Pure Fitness, check out their website by visiting this link. Be sure to email Erin Holtz your questions and to schedule an appointment with her and her staff of trained professionals.

outdoor cardio bicycle

Outdoor Cardio Activities For the Summer

The sun is out, the temperature is great, and yet you are still in the gym slogging away on the cardio machines. Summer equals outdoor fun and that includes exercising. In this list we have listed 5 outdoor exercises that can easily replace cardio machines. If you are looking for a punishing workout or a gentle cardio activity the outdoors has it all.


This an obvious one, but it is the easiest to start and allows you to go at your own pace. Treadmill running is dull, and as your grandma would say when it is a sunny day you should be outside. Physically there isn’t much difference between treadmill running and outdoor running, yet outdoor running has one big advantage and that is enjoyment. The BBC brought to light a study that found people enjoyed running outdoors much more than on the treadmill and were more likely to keep it up. Running outdoors in the summer also means you get a healthy dose of vitamin D.


After running, cycling is the next most popular outdoor exercise and for good reason. You can go further, tackle different terrains, and it is an activity that is great for the family. Cycling can be anything from an hour activity to an all day exercise. Another advantage is that biking can also be easily incorporated into daily life. Either cycling to work or running errands will not only burn calories it will save money.

Tough Mudder

Designed by former British Counter Intelligence officer Will Dean, Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile long obstacle course that challenges both physical and mental strength. An typical course will feature around 20 obstacles that will dunk contestants into ice cold water, electrocute them, have them scrambling up and over numerous obstacles and have them crawling through lots of mud. In an interview with Coach Mag, Dean explained that Tough Mudder isn’t about being first: “It’s a challenge about teamwork, fun, camaraderie and overcoming your fears over 10-to-12 miles.” There are numerous Tough Mudders held over the world at any one time, be sure to check for one near you.


If you want to exercise outside in a social environment but don’t fancy getting covered in mud every time you do it, then joining a soccer team may be ideal for you. Soccer is not only a great way to get the heart rate up it is also a great social sport. To get an idea of how tough the sport can be on the body Soccer Laduma states that Cristiano Ronaldo runs an average of 8.38 kmper match.

The Real Madrid attacker was once the most expensive player in the world and is renowned for being one of the fittest soccer players around. His supreme fitness levels have helped him win both the Premier League and La Liga during his career, according to preview site Betfair who also cover the Champions League, a tournament that Ronaldo has once again found himself in the final of, this time against Juventus. While it would certainly be a feat in itself to get up to the fitness levels of the iconic Ronaldo, he has inspired many to take up the sport and he is testament to the fact you can achieve anything if you put in the work, and train hard.


Yes, you read it right. Golf is not the passive sport you think it is and with a few tweaks it can become an effective cardio exercise. If you forgo the golf buggy then the average golfer will walk around 3 -5 miles per 18 holes. A golfer also needs strong core strength for balance and stability when swinging a club. It may not be as cardio intense as the previous examples but it is ideal for those who want a gentler workout.