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Lies, Myths, and Misconceptions About Weight Loss

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Lies, Myths, and Misconceptions About Weight Loss

shutterstock_542830963When it comes to losing weight there are so many opinions out there that most people have no clue where to start, so let us break down a few of these myths and explain why its easier to gain weight than to lose it.  Because there are certainly right ways and wrong ways to doing it.

Myth #1:  You bulk up when you lift weights.

For most of my female clients the first thing they say is that they do not want to lift any heavy weights because they fear they will bulk up. First of all, lifting weights will help you build lean muscle which will help reduce the amount of fat you carry around so essentially a little bit of muscle tone is not going to hurt you. Secondly, muscles dramatically increase in size when testosterone is present and most females don’t make a large amount of testosterone. So unlike males you will not see a lot of bulky muscle tone.

Myth #2: You can spot reduce fat loss.

The reality is you are born with the amount of fat cells that you will carry the rest of your life. Therefore, simply put, your body puts them where they will live. Period. It is your job to eat a healthy diet and exercise to help reduce the size of the fat cells. It won’t happen in one specific area that you target but will be an overall total body fat loss.

Myth #3: I can do just cardio exercises to lose weight.

You might love running or jumping on the elliptical at your local gym, but you will have to add strength training to help you lose weight. Yes, cardio exercise helps give you a calorie deficit for the day, but since having lean muscle will help you burn more calories while at rest you will need to do strength training along with cardio exercise to lose weight or reduce fat cells.

These are just a few myths our clients face when trying to lose weight.  Don’t forget food choices and activity outside of the gym play a huge role as well.