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Meet your Trainers

Meet your Trainers

Erin Holtz, Owner, Personal Trainer, & Group Fitness Instructor

Erin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Athletic Trainer with a degree from The University of Alabama. She holds a personal training certification from American Council on Exercise as well as a instructor certification to teach CPR, First Aid, and AED for the infant, child, and adult. After moving to Birmingham, AL following graduation she started working full time as a Certified Athletic Trainer but part time as a personal trainer and began to realize her passion was not only on the athletic field but in the gym helping people achieve their fitness goals. She now has pursued her dreams and opened up her own local gym in Vestavia Hills, AL named Pure Fitness LLC and is working one on one with her clients as well as teaching group classes. She specializes in cardiovascular endurance, plyometric training, core strength, rehabilitation after an injury, pre and post term pregnancy (diastasis recti), weight loss, strengthening and toning, as well as maintaining a structured nutritional diet.





Olivia Jones, Group Fitness Instructor

image1Olivia first found her love for health and fitness in high school when she was a member of the dance team and ran cross country. As a freshman in college, Olivia was a member of the Samford Dance Team as well as a UDA Dance Instructor. She then pursued an education in health care and enjoyed remaining physically active. She regularly participated in group fitness classes during her remaining college years at UAB where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nursing. She currently works full time as a Nurse Practitioner at UAB in the Department of Neurosurgery, but recently sought to further her career in the fitnessindustry. She earned her Group Fitness Instructor Certification through the American Counsel on Exercise, and is certified to teach Zumba and Plyoga. Olivia is very eager to motivate others to find an activity they enjoy in order to improve their health and well being.






Kathleen, Group Fitness Instructor

Kathleen is a native of Northern New York and has been living in Birmingham since 2011. She graduated in 2010 with aB.A. in Psychology and a Health Science minor. Kathleen holds a personal training certification and group fitness instruction certification through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.Kathleen has always enjoyed the health field, particularly fitness and nutrition. She has been active all her life, playing in group sports and performing in dance, to trying just about any new fitness craze. Kathleen likes to challenge herself and her clients to their fullest potential. With a specialty in Core Conditioning and a love for total body training, she believes in being the strongest ‘you’ possible!”



Camille Reed, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist


Camille Reed is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with a degree from The University of Alabama. She has worked in dietetics for 9 years and has a wide variety of experience. Her experience includes working in the hospital setting where she helped critically illpatients heal by ensuring they had adequate nutrition, working in the oncology setting helping cancer patients, survivors and their care givers with all of their nutrition needs, and working in the outpatient diabetic setting where she led weekly classes for diabetic patients as well has developed individualized meal plans. She has also worked in the Bariatric weight loss setting where she led weekly classes for patients before surgery.

In her spare time, Camille can be found hiking with her family. She is an active member of the Birmingham Hike-it-Baby group and loves the outdoors. She also enjoys walking, jogging, strength training and group fitness classes. You can schedule an appointment with her today by visiting our website.



Vasu Thorpe is a Registered Dietitian with an undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University and a Master of Public Health degree from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. She holds a certificate of training in adult weight management from the Commission on Dietetic Registration and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. She recently moved back to Birmingham and is working remotely for a corporate wellness program, where she meets with people one on one to help them achieve their personal wellness goals. Her passion is to create relationships with people and inspire them to make changes that will have an impact long term. She loves seeing people achieve theirgoals and dreams by taking care of themselves well.

In her free time, Vasu can be found spending time with her little girl and husband and finding new places to explore as a family. She loves catching up with friends by taking long walks or hikes and enjoys going to spin classes. She also loves spending time in the kitchen – reading through cookbooks, experimenting with new foods, and serving her family delicious and nutritious food.