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Outdoor Cardio Activities For the Summer

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Outdoor Cardio Activities For the Summer

The sun is out, the temperature is great, and yet you are still in the gym slogging away on the cardio machines. Summer equals outdoor fun and that includes exercising. In this list we have listed 5 outdoor exercises that can easily replace cardio machines. If you are looking for a punishing workout or a gentle cardio activity the outdoors has it all.


This an obvious one, but it is the easiest to start and allows you to go at your own pace. Treadmill running is dull, and as your grandma would say when it is a sunny day you should be outside. Physically there isn’t much difference between treadmill running and outdoor running, yet outdoor running has one big advantage and that is enjoyment. The BBC brought to light a study that found people enjoyed running outdoors much more than on the treadmill and were more likely to keep it up. Running outdoors in the summer also means you get a healthy dose of vitamin D.


After running, cycling is the next most popular outdoor exercise and for good reason. You can go further, tackle different terrains, and it is an activity that is great for the family. Cycling can be anything from an hour activity to an all day exercise. Another advantage is that biking can also be easily incorporated into daily life. Either cycling to work or running errands will not only burn calories it will save money.

Tough Mudder

Designed by former British Counter Intelligence officer Will Dean, Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile long obstacle course that challenges both physical and mental strength. An typical course will feature around 20 obstacles that will dunk contestants into ice cold water, electrocute them, have them scrambling up and over numerous obstacles and have them crawling through lots of mud. In an interview with Coach Mag, Dean explained that Tough Mudder isn’t about being first: “It’s a challenge about teamwork, fun, camaraderie and overcoming your fears over 10-to-12 miles.” There are numerous Tough Mudders held over the world at any one time, be sure to check for one near you.


If you want to exercise outside in a social environment but don’t fancy getting covered in mud every time you do it, then joining a soccer team may be ideal for you. Soccer is not only a great way to get the heart rate up it is also a great social sport. To get an idea of how tough the sport can be on the body Soccer Laduma states that Cristiano Ronaldo runs an average of 8.38 kmper match.

The Real Madrid attacker was once the most expensive player in the world and is renowned for being one of the fittest soccer players around. His supreme fitness levels have helped him win both the Premier League and La Liga during his career, according to preview site Betfair who also cover the Champions League, a tournament that Ronaldo has once again found himself in the final of, this time against Juventus. While it would certainly be a feat in itself to get up to the fitness levels of the iconic Ronaldo, he has inspired many to take up the sport and he is testament to the fact you can achieve anything if you put in the work, and train hard.


Yes, you read it right. Golf is not the passive sport you think it is and with a few tweaks it can become an effective cardio exercise. If you forgo the golf buggy then the average golfer will walk around 3 -5 miles per 18 holes. A golfer also needs strong core strength for balance and stability when swinging a club. It may not be as cardio intense as the previous examples but it is ideal for those who want a gentler workout.