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Portion Control the Right Way

Portion Control the Right Way

Looking to lose weight but still want to eat some of your favorite things? Portion control can help you eat just the right amount of calories so you don’t over eat. If we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t need research to tell us that when faced with a larger portion size most people unintentionally consume more calories.

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume, therefore it is important to pay attention to those calories that you put in your body. Each nutrition label is designed to tell you the serving size amount based on the amount you should consume. Looks can be deceiving though. A bag of pretzels could actually be 2 serving sizes, so pay attention or you’ll be consuming double the calories on the nutrition label.

Here are a few helpful tips…

1. Always start a meal with a tall glass of water, this will help you not only with hydration but also help with over eating.

2. Slow your pace. Don’t be in a race to finish your food. Eating slower will help your brain let you know when you are full.

3. Restaurants do not normally serve the correct portion size for one person. Take control of the amount you eat by splitting a meal or boxing up half to go as soon as you receive your plate.

4. When eating in front of a TV screen or computer, take out the amount of food that you should eat and put it in a small bowl, that way you don’t get distracted and eat more than you should.

5. If you feel hungry between meals, grab a healthy snack. This will help avoid overeating at the next meal.

6. Avoid second helpings, you don’t always have to leave a meal stuffed.

To try and stay healthy and fit during the holidays season, remember portion control is key. Watch out for those foods loaded with calories and choose proteins, fruits, and veggies instead. Nutrition dense foods will keep you full longer and you won’t have to work as hard after the holidays to lose the extra pounds.