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Why Are Americans Snacking More Often?

Why Are Americans Snacking More Often?

According to the U.S. governments most recent study What We Eat in American survey, 97% of adults in america snack at least once per day. Which means we are getting 1/4 of our calories from snacking (USDA 2014a). Snacking all throughout the day is becoming more popular and is causing american to put on the extra pounds!

On average, women consume about 400 calories per day from snacks and men 600 average a day. This has risen over the years and is at its all time high (USDA 2011). Is this┬ábecause we are busy people and don’t have time to sit down with our families at night for dinner and would rather grab a granola bar or a quick item to snack on instead of taking the time to cut up a piece of fruit or saute some vegetables?

Snacks provide fast mini-meal options for people who are on the go, meal skippers, or non meal planners. Chips and fruit are the most popular afternoon snack, according to the 2013 Harman consumer study. Candy and ice cream remain the most popular evening snack. (Hartman Group 2013).

So how do you pick the right snack? Start by choosing a lower-sugar and higher protein option. This will extend the satiating power of the snack and you won’t be so ravenous when the next meal time comes around. Here are some suggestions for some healthy snacks between meals:

Morning: yogurt, baked snacks (whole grain bagel with nut butter), protein bar, a handful of almonds

Afternoon: pita chips with hummus, an apple with nut butter, berries, frozen fruit, a low sugar smoothie

Evening: fresh fruit with a few chocolate chips, low fat frozen yogurt, or a greek yogurt with fruit or granola